Thursday, September 27, 2012

Solve the mystery of the magnetic anomalies asteroid Oljato

Asteroid 2201 Oljato moving surrounded by the orbit of Venus shows a slightly extraordinary behavior. Past observations point to the associated magnetic phenomena, but new data from the unit Venus Express, show that the magnetic anomaly is suddenly no longer appear.

Team member mission Venus Express Dr. Christopher Russell explains the behavior of asteroid Oljato follows:

The fact the asteroid when it passed between Venus and the Sun in the last time could retain small fragments. These shards, hitting each other and other space objects could turn into a fine dust, which, under the influence of the solar wind was able to demonstrate some of the magnetic properties. Later, as a result of multiple collisions and the solar wind that blows dust orbit clear of small particles of matter and debris, and the next passage of the asteroid no anomalies found.

Asteroid Oljato makes one revolution around the Sun is 3.2 years, and the last mission of NASA Pioneer Venus Orbiter watched it pass between Venus and the sun three times.

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