Friday, September 28, 2012

Curiosity found Martian river on mars

New NASA rover Curiosity discovered that, most probably, is the bed of a dried-up Martian flow indicating that the surface of the Red Planet once flowed a stream depth of about a meter.

Photos taken by the rover, found in layers of rock outcrops large, rounded stones. Their shape suggests that the stones were transferred water on the planet's surface over long distances.

The nature of the channel indicates that the water can flow over it about a thousand years, and that it probably happened several billion years ago.
While Curiosity did not study the channel for its scientific instrument, and the conclusion of scientist based only on photograph taken by a camera Mast cam ATV.
The main scientific goal of the six-wheel robot valued at $ 2.5 billion is the base of Mt Sharp, a 5.5-kilometer mountain that rises in the center of the crater Gale. Rover must determine whether it is an area capable of supporting ever organic life.

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