Sunday, October 21, 2012

Found homeland heroes Star Wars

Amateur astronomers, dealing out the data space telescope has discovered another planet similar to their homeland heroes of "Star Wars" - it has as many as four of the Sun. Planet orbiting two pairs of stars.

Amateur astronomers help professionals in the program Planet Hunters, and process massive amounts of data obtained with the Space Telescope "Kepler". Planet with four suns - the first finding of program participants, who are willing to help scientists search for different space objects on several grounds.

The planet was named RN1, it rotates in five thousand light-years from Earth, about a pair of suns, and its distant orbit, and there is another pair of stars. The planets orbiting binary stars have become known in recent years - previously it was thought that such a phenomenon is generally impossible due to gravity, but for the first time found a planet with so complex orbit treatment.

The mysterious planet is a gas giant slightly bigger than Neptune, the planet mass exceeds 6.2 times the Earth. Star around which it flies, have a mass of 1.5 and 0.41 solar masses, it makes one revolution for 138 days. The second pair of stars is at a distance, is a thousand times greater than the distance from Earth to the sun, and look when viewed from the planet, most likely, bright spots in the sky.
Age of the system - about two billion years old. Astronomers assumed that formed the planets close to the central star couple, but then the whole system was somehow picked up by two other stars.

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