Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Russia to land on the moon in 2015

Mission to the moon, Russia proposes to send to 2015.

"2015 marked the first in the plans as the year when we need to sit down on the moon," - said General Director of Lavochkin Victor Hart. However, on Earth's satellite will be sent an automatic machine. The mission, according to Hartova designed to prove the "first of all, to ourselves, that we can get on other celestial bodies."

After landing in 2015 on the moon landing module scientists are going to run the machine, which will produce the ice there, and then bring him back to Earth.

"It lunar rover, which will gather the necessary samples from the lunar surface, and the next unit we will deliver the samples to the earth," - concluded Hart.

In September, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has suggested that Russian scientists to build a base on the Earth's satellite. This will give impetus to the entire space industry, he said. And last week, the Federal Space Agency said he was working on the launch of the orbiter Luna-Glob, who must fly to the Earth's satellite in 2016.

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