Thursday, October 11, 2012

Verification a new supernova black hole

In space telescope NASA "Swift" fixed-ray flashes, indicating the discovery and the survival of a new black hole, which was previously unknown. It is located at 20-30 thousand light-years from Earth. Flash X-ray peak of the supernova occurred on September 18. Flash output is 10 thousand volts, but two days of observation exposed that the radiation has increased by 30 times.

Supernovas, black holes, X-ray, there are only a couple of days, but the remaining traces can be seen in one month. These bursts of radiation occur at a time when vast quantities of matter from space fall into a black hole.

As a phenomenon, the X-ray supernova black hole is a very rare, but now the American telescope managed to capture the phenomenon of formation and destruction of the X-ray supernova. The black hole was designated Swift J1745-26.

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