Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Whether to build a base on the moon

The researchers presented their plans to build vneplanetnoy laboratory to determine whether it is probable to build a base for people on the moon or Mars.

The scientists from the Open University developed the conception of the tool Lunar Volatile Resources Analysis Package (L-VRAP), which will determine whether the amount of water on the moon and fuel, enough to be useful to build on it in the future scientific bases. The researchers also say that the project can be used to study the prospects of building bases on Mars.

L-VRAP is a miniature chemical laboratory, which will determine the amount of volatile components - substances with low boiling point - in the cortex and in the atmosphere of the moon.

Running on the surface of our planet's natural satellite lander, which will be installed L-VRAP, could take place in 2019, when the project will receive funding to address the ESA Ministerial meeting to be held in November 2012

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