Friday, November 16, 2012

A new "border" of the galaxy

Thanks to the telescope "Hubble" discovered galaxy, at a distance of 13.3 billion light years from Earth.

Scientists working with the space telescope "Hubble" and "Spitzer" discovered galaxy, which would be a record for the distance from the Earth.

MACS0647-JD galaxy existed when the universe was only 420 million years (3% of its present age.) The distance from Earth to the subject - 13.3 billion light years. Earlier record was galaxy MACS1149-JD, the distance to which is estimated at 13.1 billion light years.

Open the same researchers MACS0647-JD are so small that it is expected, the astronomers saw only the first steps in the formation of large galaxies.

The analysis shows that the diameter of less than 600 light-years, while the typical size of a galaxy that age - about two thousand light years. For comparison, the diameter of the Large Magellanic Cloud, a dwarf galaxy companion Milky Way is 14,000 light-years.

"Perhaps this is one of the many building blocks. Over the next 13 billion years he survived dozens, hundreds or even thousands of collisions with other galaxies and galactic fragments "- said lead study author Dan Coe of the Space Telescope Science Institute.

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