Monday, November 26, 2012

Mars was found gutters on Phobos

The Martian satellite Phobos could be the result of contact with Phobos debris ejected from the craters of the Red Planet during its bombardment by space objects, a new study indicates.

To explain the nature of the mysterious troughs are abundantly present on the surface of Phobos, in 2011, a group of American scientist John Murray has been proposed, 

according to which a jet of volcanic material spewing from the craters of the Red Planet in primary collisions with space objects evenly poured rubble surface of Phobos forming on it parallel rows of secondary craters.

Now researchers at Brown University, USA, and James Kenneth Ramsli Head audited assumptions put forward by Murray and found that the formation of such flat parallel series of secondary craters necessary to spread the area of material falling on Phobos, was much less than the minimum value calculated for Martian volcanic rock fragments.

The study was presented in the journal Planetary and Space Science.

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