Monday, November 26, 2012

Astronomers, discovered a planet, 13 times greater than Jupiter

This finding sheds light on the formation of new planets. Mass of the new planet is 13 times greater than the mass of Jupiter, the largest planet of the solar and heavy systems. Previously, scientists doubt that the planet can be formed from a protoplanetary disk as massive stars, like Kappa Andromeda. To date, more than 800 planets discovered outside our solar system, but scientists have been able to photograph a few of them.
Bright stellar radiation "choke" a dim beam of light coming from the planets orbiting them.
Grätzel "Vechercom" asked to comment on the astronomer from the company "Mobile planetarium" Yuri Shtukaturova.
Yuri, what means for the solar system and the discovery of the planet?
Such planets discovered by space telescope "Kettler" several hundred and they continue to constantly open. This is absolutely no threat to our planet. Just in other solar systems offer great mass planets - gas giants. These planets were always there, but we could not find them because of our lack of fine astronomical equipment. The planets are small and located far away from us. They can be seen only by indirect methods. When a planet passes in front of the star, overshadows her part, and the brightness of the star at some political one millionth of a turn off. Then we can fix the brightness of the star fall to determine how big a slice of the planet eclipsed star.
These planets can affect life on Earth?
You do not. If, say, send a modern spaceship to a planet that orbits around nearby stars, it will fly a few hundred thousand years. And these stars are a thousand times more massive than the new planets discovered by the Americans.
What can we say about the planets that revolve around those stars? They are so far removed from us and weak that talk about their impact on the planet does not have to! Their gravitational influence is negligible.
Planet live separate lives without interfering with each other?
Yes. The planets revolve around their stars and do not affect each other.
What should happen to a catastrophe happens? At this stage, it is practically impossible. A few billion years ago, when the planetary system formed, much more bodies were flying around the sun. They were unstable orbit. And every day there are more than a thousand collisions with huge explosions of thermonuclear power. And now everything is settled, each planet has its own stable orbit, which can disrupt the body only, which came from the outside.
For example? Even difficult to imagine.
Some wandering planet separated from its star and passing by, making gravitational perturbations in the motion of the planets, which can lead to disasters?
But it's all on the level of hypothesis and unlikely.
End of the world cannot be afraid?
From a scientific point of view there are no preconditions for this. Not one scientific satellite that monitors the Sun, it did not record a single burst of abnormal activity.
That is, we can safely say: "Live quietly, the Earth!"
It's true!

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