Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unusual lunar crater will help to understand the evolution of craters on Earth

Researchers studying the evolution of impact craters on Earth and other rocky bodies discovered an interesting object for research on the moon.

Scientists engaged in the crater of lunar   who is in the region known as the lunar Sea of Tranquility. The crater is only 2.2 kilometers in diameter, but it is very young - formed only 10 million years ago - and well-preserved.

Craters on the Moon is less susceptible to erosion than on Earth, where they have permanent damaging effects of water and wind, but the crater Linnet is very well preserved, even to the moon, the researchers say, he shows no signs of changing its initial shape under the influence of subsequent major collision Space Objects.

Scientists were surprised by the unusual shape of the crater - usually simple lunar craters are a bowl, but the crater Linnet was inverted cone.

Studies were performed using Lunar Spacecraft NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, launched in June 2009

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