Saturday, December 1, 2012

Curiosity has not found life on Mars

NASA experts have proved false the assumption that the research unit Curiosity found traces of life on Mars.

"Installed on the rover's instruments have not yet found any traces of organic compounds on Mars "- said in a statement, NASA.

It notes that "the rumors that at this stage of the mission's Mars rover made some important discoveries that are not true."

Earlier, one member of the NASA, engaged in the processing of data received from the rover, told reporters that the information obtained is "one day will be included in the history books." After that, the media began to circulate the assumption that Curiosity might have been able to find traces of life on Mars.

Curiosity landed on Mars in August. He - the most complex research unit ever sent to explore the planet's surface.

Curiosity rover landed on Mars on August 6 and has worked on the surface for more than three months.

Curiosity mounted on board 10 scientific instruments a total mass of 75 kilograms, rover that will carry out detailed geological and geochemical studies, study the atmosphere and climate of the planet, to search for water and traces of it, as well as organic matter.

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