Saturday, December 1, 2012

Japanese astronaut to the ISS will be accompanied by a robot android

KIBO will not weigh more than one kilogram, and its height was 34 centimeters. Planned to make two copies of the unit, one of them will go to the Japanese ISS module, and the other will remain on earth and will help Waikato talk to a manager.

Engineers of the University of Tokyo with Japanese advertising companies are going to send in summer 2013 on the ISS robotic android "KIBO" (Hope). He will be accompanied by Japanese astronaut Koichi Waikato and help him to communicate with Earth.

The robot will be able to recognize the face and speech of Japanese astronomer, and send the data to Earth. The project's website says that in addition to communication with the astronauts, KIBO the ISS will also take pictures and send them to your social networks.

- NASA will improve human-robot for space exploration

The name matches the name of the android Japanese module of the International Space Station - KIBO. At present it is the largest compartment of the station. The first part has arrived on the ISS in 2003.

Koichi Waikato was already working on the ISS in 2009, which already participated in an unusual experiment. He also was a member of four teams during space shuttle flights. During the mission, scheduled for next year, he will become the first Japanese astronaut - the master station.

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