Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NASA launches another rover to Mars by 2020

NASA is going to prepare another cross-country mission to Mars in 2020, government of the space agency announced yesterday, December 4.  The new rover landing system will be mainly based on the designs created for the rover Curiosity, worth $ 2.5 billion, which is located on the Red Planet since August of this year, according to John Grunsfelda, first assistant director for Research at NASA.

Borrowed from the arsenal of many developments for Curiosity, the new rover will cost the space agency only 1.5 billion plus or minus $ 200 million, according to preliminary estimates, Grunsfeld said.

Basic guidelines for the new missions are developed: Rover 2020 to help the U.S. space agency to reach its ultimate goal - bringing samples from Mars to Earth. Many scientists believe that option the best way to search for traces of life on the Red Planet.

Next summer will be announced a design competition for a new science instruments rover in the coming months will be created "commission for scientific evaluation," said Grunsfeld.

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