Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The brightest galaxies in the universe were invisible

The set of the brightest galaxies with the most active of the processes of star formation in fact was not found until now ground-based observatories, as such galaxies hidden behind the huge opaque clouds of dust and gas. Due to space observatory "Herschel" the European Space Agency, which oversees the universe in the infrared spectrum, recently discovered a huge number of these "star-burst galaxies", 

which allowed astronomers to measure the distance to them two twin telescopes, located in Hawaii, the Keck Observatory . Opening surprised researchers - they found the entire 767 previously unknown galaxies, many of which have created a star with incredible frequency.

On the detection of galaxies in the infrared range, the researchers sent them an optical space telescope, NASA's "Hubble" and the huge ground-based telescopes, the twin Keck Observatory to measure the exact distance, temperature and star formation rate of new galaxies.

Astronomers have published their findings online in the journal Astrophysical Journal.

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