Monday, December 17, 2012

Survey Ebb and Flow ready to crash into the moon tonight

Lunar investigate twins Ebb and Flow mission preparation gravity maps Grail NASA conducted before the weekend ignition engines, which finally defined by their fate. Run the engine to change the orbit leading to a pair of spacecraft. Now, moving to a new orbit, the twin probes sink lower and lower, closer to the surface of the moon, and tonight, 

at 22:28 GMT, their path will end with a meeting with an unnamed mountain, located near the north pole of the planet's natural satellite. Ebb and Flow were deliberately sent to perform the feat in the name of science, because they are too low orbit and the lack of fuel to correct it made ​​it impossible to continue conducting science operations. Unnamed mountain, near which find their final resting Ebb and Flow, it is on the side closest to us moon, near its north pole, in the vicinity of the crater Goldschmidt. Duo Grail spacecraft is in lunar orbit on January 1, 2012 and to date has successfully completed its primary mission.

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