Monday, December 17, 2012

The new station observation satellites ESA ready

A new station for monitoring satellites, located in Malaga, Argentina, will be officially put into operation tomorrow, Tuesday. It will complete a trio of sites for observing deep space of the European Space Agency. Massive plate radiotelegraph ESA's new space station is a true masterpiece of science and engineering, created with the use of cutting edge technology, which will soon track the mission, moving hundreds of millions of miles from Earth at the outer edge of the solar system. 

component forty meters in height and weighing together with moving ensemble of antennas 610 tons, the plant stands majestically on the 1500 meter hill above the arid plains of the Argentine, creating a contrast between space technology and pristine landscapes pampas. Addition to tracking the Martian and Venusian space missions’ station will also be able to conduct scientific experiments in the radio.

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