Friday, January 18, 2013

First time Martian rock drilling ready

Curiosity rover is get ready to hold the first Martian rock drilling - in a carefully selected for this purpose, which in the history have to splash water.

Extraordinary ton machine should start work in the next couple of weeks. 

The aim of the Boers Curiosity will rock streams, received the working title John Klein - after one of the leaders of the project's Mars rover, who died in 2011 There are some compelling reasons to believe that in the distant past, when Mars was still quite wet planet, John Klein was covered with water . "In general, these stones were soaked with water," - says one of the scientists working with the rover.

Recall that Curiosity landed on August 5 slope of the crater Gale. The main purpose of his work is to find evidence that the surrounding area was once quite suitable for the existence of a simple life. The first five months to Mars, for the most part, including tested and calibrated on-board instruments. One of them was a drill that allows you to penetrate even into hard stones to a depth of about 2.5 cm, which could not look any previous probe on Mars.

John Klein was selected for the object of the first drilling chance: being part of an amazing diversity of their geological site, it contains a lot of evidence that there was once water. In particular, there are traces of long flowing streams of water. Found near the moving stones, move that the local wind cannot afford - it requires fluid flow.

Currently Curiosity is a few meters from the John Klein. In the near future, scientists finally choose the exact area for drilling and work boils.

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