Thursday, January 24, 2013

Life in thunderclouds

The storm clouds in the Earth's atmosphere found wealth microbial life.

Scientists investigated the chemical composition of hailstones. As a result, found several types of bacteria that are usually found in plants, and organic compounds that are commonly found in soil. Were bacteria, which produce pink pigment, which protects them from UV rays? 

Some special types of bacteria were found in tiny ice crystals, and the researchers concluded that, most likely, they can somehow be 'cause rain. “In an interview with Live Science Santl Temko (Tina Santl Temkiv) researcher said: "They can develop in the clouds, to increase in number, and then change the chemical composition of the clouds, indirectly influence the atmosphere." Interestingly, these bacteria are resistant to extreme pressure; picky in food (they fit different types of materials). All of this greatly increases their chances of survival in such an extreme system.
The storm clouds - quite extreme event. They "absorb" a huge amount of air, which, perhaps, explains how the bacteria got into the cloud”

Scientists believe that the discovery of a large number of organic matters in the particles of ice and bacteria that can survive in the atmosphere leads to the conclusion about the continuation of its own "ecosystem of storm clouds." And if you take into account the processes occurring inside the clouds during the storm, we can bring to a close that this is one of the most "extreme life zones"

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