Sunday, January 20, 2013

Manatee’s nebula looks like a giant fish

Scientists have called the nebula W50 Manatees. What was the reason for this?

Nebula Manatees only recently got its own name. Until recently, it was more commonly known under the designation simply W50 and SNR G039.7-02.0.

This nebula, which in shape look like a giant fish, nestled in 18 000 light-years from Earth in the equatorial constellation Aquila.

For the nebula W50, which is a upshot of the supernova explosion about 10 000 years ago, helping astronomers to observe orbiting telescope WISE. With the camera, this telescope, scientists photographed nebula Manatees in radio wave range. She appeared in front of us in the green light.

Only on January 19 this nebula got its own name, and was named in honor of the aquatic mammal’s manatee, which today is an endangered species. These cute and rare animals live off the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

During the next conference in the National Radio Observatory, astronomers have suggested naming W50 nebula nebula Manatees, since the form of a celestial object is similar to the fish and manatee. A similar idea was quickly approved and supported by astronomers from around the world. From now on, the object will be called Nebula W50 Manatees.

For comparison of the nebula with manatee aquatic animals, scientists have presented a photograph of him, which you can weigh up, the following, and even try to compare it with a photo of the nebula.

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