Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Depths of ocean Europe

 Found proof that the ocean in Europe, Jupiter, and a captive under a layer of ice has an exit to the surface.

The mission of Galileo (1989-2003) bring a lot of scientist’s important data about Jupiter and its moons, but the on-board infrared spectrometer probe was not able to identify all the parts needed to refine the mineral composition of the surface of Europe. Now, using a spectrometer OSIRIS (Keck Observatory, Hawaii), the researchers have made an interesting discovery.

In his work, Mike Brown and Kevin Hand described the unusual "dip", found on the supernatural satellite map. Analysis of the data allowed us to identify this point as an area rich essonite. This mineral, which is based on magnesium sulfate salt, could have been formed by the oxidation of substances from the ocean that lies underneath.

Europe’s ocean, most probably covers its entire surface layer about 100 km thick, and placed under the ice cap. The connection between the ocean and the surface, according to Brown, the means available and the energy balance. If we consider the opportunity of life under the ice of Europe, these "loopholes" can be important.

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