Sunday, March 3, 2013

Restoration Curiosity rovers

Last Thursday (February 28) fails, in which the rover operators were forced to switch from the main system to a back-in and break up research Curiosity.

On Saturday, the rover out of the "safe mode” and on Sunday again mobilized antenna with high gain. One of the options for further work, the operator in question Curiosity, 

- continue to use the system as a major B and restored as a backup. Will, in particular, to convey basic computer system B on the situation of the mast, boom, rovers and other information about its current state.

All signs point to the fact that a computer system is out of order as a result of damage to one of the memory cells, but the root cause of problems only to be seen. Meanwhile, it is expected that Curiosity will return to normal operation as soon as next week.

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