Thursday, March 28, 2013

A new theory on how to grow giant stars

Scientists have put forward a new theory of how can grow giant stars.

According to scientists, the young stars can grow to unusually large sizes, exceeding the size and mass of our sun 10 times. Such a huge and massive size of these stars can afford in the event that they are surrounded by a cocoon of old stars. These old stars and continually nurture its gas, like a powerful fuel, the young star that is in the process of its formation.

Absorbing gas, and other stuff at the same time a number of old stars, young stars are growing by leaps and bounds, reaching sometimes simply unimaginable size. This is evidenced by the new growth theory stars advanced by European astronomers, based on studies conducted by orbital telescope Herschel.

The image shows the emission of cold gas in a giant cloud of gas and dust Westerhout 3. Photographs are on display March 27, 2013.

Dust cloud Westerhout 3 is zvezdoformiruyuschim region and is 6500 light years from Earth. For this cloud can be observed in the infrared and microwave spectrum.

"Our new observations with the Hubble Space Telescope" Herschel "can help us to rethink the theory of the formation of giant stars" - said the study's lead author Alana Rivera-Ingraham at the University of Toronto.

"In the star during its growth in constant operation radiation pressure. More massive the star, the greater the pressure. At some point, the star reaches its maximum, and more can not grow," said the scientist.

Astronomers continue to seek confirmation of the new theory.

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