Friday, March 29, 2013

Russian super-heavy carrier rocket will save the Earth from the lethal asteroid

President of RSC Energies of Vitaly Lopota said that through the threat of asteroids and comets can handle only super-heavy carrier rocket. It can be created based on existing missile components from the program "LV Energy." "This launch vehicle able to deliver and deploy components of the system to detect and track (if necessary - and thermonuclear charge) to a dangerous space objects," - said the president of the corporation.

According to Vitaly Lopota, Russia should develop its monitoring system asteroids. "We propose to implement this using three satellites placed in the Lagrange points of the Earth - Moon" - said the head of RKK "Energy" and stressed that the ISS will serve as a base for developing technologies.

To set task was solved successfully, Lopota considers a corporation of international level. "To our proposals are interested domestic and foreign space organizations, institutions and companies with whom we have developed cooperation", - he concluded.

Recall that in the morning on February 15 inhabitants of some regions of the Urals observed flying car, and then there was a flash and a powerful explosion. Blast damaged the building; windows of many houses were broken. Suffered more than a thousand people despite the fact that the space of the body rarely causes significant harm to humanity, still a single case of a meteorite can lead to tragedy. Therefore, many experts think about the possibility to protect the planet from cosmic threats.

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