Monday, March 11, 2013

Curiosity meet hill of Mars

Following spend about seven months on Mars; NASA's rover Curiosity all the time explored the area surrounding its landing zone, studying the Martian surface with its inspiring weapon store of scientific instruments. For about 208 Martian days, or nightingale, 

rover drove about 500 meters along the boulder strewn surface of the inner part of the crater Gale towards their ultimate goal - Elide Mountain (or hill Sharpe), the central peak of the crater to a height of about 6000 meters. But to reach its goal, the rover must first get through the extensive sand dunes that ... move.

Despite the fact the movement of the dunes - a fairly common occurrence in the Earth, but the motion of Martian dunes, until recently, scientists did not know anything. Only relatively recently, observations made ​​spacecraft Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, have allowed scientists to see the dunes shift that occurs with time under the influence of the weak Martian wind.

Researchers at the SETI Institute recently published in the journal Geology new scientific work on the analysis of the disarticulation caused by wind dunes, lying along the road to the mountain Elide Curiosity.

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