Monday, March 11, 2013

Curiosity rover to snooze off during a solar storm

Because of the awaiting solar storm on March 7 NASA temporarily balanced operations on the Martian surface rover Curiosity Mission Mars Science Lab (MSL). Currently, the rover mission scientists have presumed from the "sleep" mode, because the power of the solar storm was much lower than expect.

NASA has taken protection in view of the fact that a large coronal mass ejection, presumably, was to reach Mars in a few days, from March 7, the researchers say. 

Curiosity team wanted to avoid problems such as the problem with the rover's on-board computer, which appeared a few days earlier, forcing scientists to enter the rover for a while in sleep mode.

Solar flares cause powerful emission of radiation, which can damage spacecraft and harm the health of the crew members of satellites in earth orbit.

Currently Curiosity continuous study of example of gray powder, which is the ground of Martian rock, the rover achieves throughout drilling of Martian rock named John Klein.

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