Friday, March 22, 2013

In April, the Sun will stop distribution the commands to Mars mission

The planets in the next month will worsen due to the Mars mission. Mars will be almost exactly behind the Sun when viewed from Earth. The sun can easily interrupt the broadcast between two planets when the three celestial bodies line up in one line. To prevent incorrect signaling, dispatchers from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory intend to suspend sending any commands to all the Martian rovers and orbiters in April. Transmission from Mars to Earth, too, will be kept to a minimum.

Handling of Mars and the Earth around the Sun leads to the alignment of celestial bodies, is called a solar opposition of Mars, only once in 26 months.

Solar opposition of Mars each time occurs in different ways. They may differ, depending on how well the Mars was behind the sun, or on how active the sun during the confrontation. This time, the observed angle between Mars and the Sun will be 0.4 degrees on April 17, and the solar activity is quite moderate, experts say NASA.

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