Saturday, March 23, 2013

The new company SpaceX rocket prepared for launch, scheduled for the summer

The next generation of rocket company SpaceX is prepared to fly, and it was probably he will be used to launch commercial spacecraft, which will take place this summer, the company announced Wednesday.

Merlin 1D engine was declared ready for flight once it passed the ignition for a total of 33 minutes for the 28 different tests on the premises for the development of rocket company SpaceX in McGregor, Texas.

Soon, this new engine will be mounted on the launch vehicle of Falcon 9, the representative said.

Falcon 9 rocket to date has made five space flights, the last of which took place on March 1, when it sent an unmanned Dragon capsule to the International Space Station to perform capsule second voyage to deliver cargo to the station under a contract with NASA. According to data afford by the company, 6th rocket launch in mid-June, and then the new engine will be tested for the first time in the case.

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