Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New research Curiosity

Moving away from the forced hibernation, the rover “Curiosity " immediately proceeded to new research. He even made a fence of new samples of Martian soil and made it into powder with its onboard scientific instruments. Now, the rover is ready to perform a complete chemical and spectral analysis of the obtained powder and send the results to Earth at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA).

Black-and-white taking pictures, the greater than, you are able to observe the rover's wheels “Curiosity ": front left and right central. The diameter of every one circle is 50 inches. The rover be inside an locale call "Yellowknife Bay". Here he conducts the fence and study of Martian soil.

The fence was made of soil in the area on March 22 and on March 23 rocks were crushed and made into powder for further analysis.

"Rover" Curiosity "again took up his full research on the surface of the Red Planet" - said the head of the mission project manager Jim Erickson Curiosity (Jim Erickson) of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA).

The scientist also said that different portions of the Martian soil, rover collected during the same drilling may show different results. That is why it is interesting to investigate several different portions of soil from the same area.

After receiving the results, the scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory will analyze them before they present to the public.

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