Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Space 'Dragon' returns home today

According to the NASA, private space capsule "Dragon" now returns home.
Today is Tuesday, March 26 commercial space capsule "Dragon" (Dragon) is returned to the International Space Station to Earth. It splashed down in the Pacific Ocean in 396 kilometers from the coast of California from 1210 kilograms of cargo on board. Among the cost will be more unnecessary equipment to the ISS, space debris, the results of various research, and more.

We remind that the space cargo ship, built by a private company SpaceX, delivered this time the ISS around 1000 kilograms of cargo (food, water, fuel, spare parts, etc.).

Initially, it was planned that the space truck "Dragon" will return to Earth on March 25. But the adverse weather conditions in the area of ​​California provoked the forced transfer of the return date for 1 day. "Dragon" arrived at the ISS on March 1 and stayed in the dock with the space station kompleskom three weeks.

Unmanned space vehicle from SpaceX conducts its flights for cargo delivery to the ISS under a contract with NASA worth $ 1.6 billion. Under this contract, the space of "Dragon" should make 12 flights to the ISS and back to Earth.

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