Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The problem for the constantly evolving A380 wings almost solved

Engineers have almost finished work to eliminate problems in the first aircraft Airbus A380, subjected constantly evolving on the issue of the strength of wing ribs. Approximately half of the 100 Airbus A380 aircraft currently operated with a time limit for the maximum number of cycles set by the European aviation sertifikantom specific center section.

European Agency for Aviation Safety has already approved the proposed revision to remove restrictions from the Airbus A-380 and completes the approval of the directive, which will give the light of these improvements. The directive will begin work on the modernization of the existing fleet, as well as those A380, which will be added to the final assembly line before the aircraft manufacturer Airbus wing production technology.

Techniques airline Lufthansa, which served to lift restrictions improvements from one of the German airline A380 in Frankfurt in February 2013, reported that the work takes 40-50 days. Planned for the near future are the same improvements for 31 aircraft Airbus A380, including 10 for Lufthansa, Qantas and 12 to 9 for Emirates. Aircraft manufacturer Airbus said that about 120 A380 will eventually need of rework to remove operational constraints to upgrade production technology in the production of wings, mainly to introduce the production of all-metal ribs.

European Agency for Safety in aviation should be separately approving the change of production technology. The first aircraft with an updated wing will be delivered in the first quarter of 2014. So far, all the aircraft Airbus A380, in service shall be inspected periodically wing skin fasteners and operational repairs, depending on the intensity of the operation of the aircraft. Execution of work to remove operational constraints involves replacing several hybrid ribs made of composites and Al alloy 7449. Airbus has developed and offered to airlines schedule combining these forms of work by holding a maintenance C-check that does not significantly increase the idle aircraft.

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus officially opened the final customer of the updated aircraft, while Qatar Airways, which already has ordered 10 A380, the first of which was to be delivered in 2013, previously insisted on buying aircraft only with the covers operational constraints.

Thus, once again, proved the effectiveness of the diagnostic system of nondestructive testing and reveal cracks at an early stage and to take timely corrective measures.

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