Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In search of treasure on Mars

Spacecraft "Mars Express" continues to search for treasure on Mars.
Space research probe "Mars Express" spent almost ten years researching the surface of the Red Planet. The archived of the missions a lot of amazing photos of some Martian region.

If a little digging in the archives, you'll find truly amazing and unique shots Martian surface. One of these pictures was specifically found in the archives and presented to the public. It comes as a picture of one of the Martian regions known as Noctis Labyrinthus.

"This photograph can smooth be identify glamorous" - said Bill Dunford (Bill Dunford) of the planetary community.

"Noctis Labyrinthus" translated into Russian as "Night Maze" or "Labyrinth Night." It is located in the western region of Martian "Valles Marineris". For the first time a spacecraft "Mars Express" sfotografirval "Night Maze" in June 2006.

"Labyrinth of the Night" - is the largest maze on Mars. It is a complex of intersecting valleys, which stretches for 1,200 km, connecting the western end of the Valles Marineris to the northern end of the furrow Clarities. Center of the maze has the coordinate’s 6.36 ° lat. sh. 101.19 ° W. etc.

Labyrinth of Night bears the name of the lake Nights - dark albedo parts were discovered in the course of ground-based observations in the 19th century.

Labyrinth of Night is on the rise, reaching a height of 11 kilometers. Valleys that form a labyrinth of Night, is a graben. In many places, they are subject to rounded depression (possibly craters, advanced erosion).

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