Sunday, March 10, 2013

Three-dimensional map of Mars water channels

Based on information get together by Mars research orbiter Mars investigation Orbiter scientists were able to create a three-dimensional map of water channels of the red planet.

The studies experts have finished that the depth of the Martian channels formed during the global flood, about twice as much as previously thought. Full version of the work of scientists published in the journal Science.

Most of the channels filled up with volcanic rocks, however, the use of special equipment, have allowed scientists to obtain the necessary information to map. According to new data, the depth of the Martian canals ranges from fifty to one hundred meters. Channels themselves are divided into larger, formed by the movement of powerful streams of water, and relatively minor, occurred at the beginning of the flood.

In general, the length of the channel system reaches more than a thousand miles away, and was formed as a result of the release of water from aquifers, initiated by volcanic eruptions. A comparable system exists and channels on the planet. The most famous examples of a U.S. state on the territory of Washington.

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