Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Awaiting the next "doomsday" left in '93

Russian amateur astronomers have found in space potentially dangerous asteroid 2012 YQ1. This unique detection they made ​​to remotely control a remote observatory "Helen" in the Chilean Atacama Desert, where there is also a complex 8-meter VLT telescopes of the European Southern Observatory.

Given that "Elena" is one of the most advanced telescopes in use today, the likelihood that the researchers are wrong is extremely low. 

Period of revolution around the Sun discovered asteroid is 1040 days, and the unlimited magnitude of about 20, 9 m, which is the size of the body of at least 200 meters in diameter.

It is estimated that if the trajectory of the asteroid 2012 YQ1 not change with a random collision with another celestial body, it can get close to the earth at a dangerous distance - from a half to three distances from the Earth to the Moon, which is likely to cause a change in its orbit and the clash with our Planet in January 2106 or January 2109.

In this case, the energy can be released 500 megatons of TNT equivalent, which is equivalent to the power of the order of 25,000 bombs dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

The list of potentially hazardous asteroid 2012 YQ1 phone is on a par with the well-known Apophis, which is expected to be faced with our planet a little earlier - in 2036.

- "For such substance is closely monitoring agency NASA, which has a network of robotic telescopes is allocated under a lot of money - says one of the discoverers of the cosmic body Timur Kryachko.

- When fans can not open a potentially dangerous asteroid faster the system - this is a rare and rather noisy event. "

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