Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pencil Nebula

This magnificent picture thin, like a carefully woven threads, give the feeling that on the object labored diligent hand, workman. We have previously presented pictures Pencil Nebula, made ​​with the Space Telescope in Chile. Now propose to look at a photo taken by an amateur astronomer.

Martin Pugh took this picture Pencil Nebula or NGC 2736, at home in New South Wales, Australia.

Pencil Nebula is located 800 light-years from Earth, and the length is five light years. It moves at a fantastic rate of about 500 thousand kilometers per hour which name of the nebula due to its elongate shape. Some associate this nebula with a broom witch. Actually Pencil Nebula - is part of a supernova remnant in the constellation Vela.

Thin fibers, which can be seen in the photo, in fact are the long waves that are generated in a layer of glowing gas, which we can see from the edge. They were formed as a result of a powerful explosion dying star, which occurred about 11,000 years ago.

The catalog Pencil Nebula is designated as NGC 2736 which in the picture of the red and blue glow due to hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

The opening of the nebula associated with the name of John Herschel, in 1835 for the first time, he describes the nebula as "remarkably long and narrow beam ... weak glow." Without a doubt, the beauty of the nebula to date continues to attract attention of amateur astronomers.

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