Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Scientists confirm that there is life on Mars

The world-famous mini-lab Curiosity has not once sends attractive data from Mars. This planet is so interesting to scientists and the average person that the evidence for the existence of life on it is looking forward to many countries. The rover in recent times confirmed that there is life on Mars, but very deep.

The main mission of the existence of life on Mars:  The rover collects data on the climate and geology of the planet. As told WellNews.ru, Curiosity can not 100% prove or disprove the fact of the possible existence of life on Mars, but recent data from using it, you can add on to the evidence of these assumptions.

Geochemistry expert Jan Amend the University of Southern California, said that if Curiosity was more powerful, scientists have found evidence of the presence of a true living organisms on Mars. Yes, Rover - this is our time aerobatics technological developments, but its still not enough to make any significant discoveries. The maximum that can make Curiosity - is "scratch the surface of Mars." But deeper under it, I'm sure a scientist, are direct evidence for the existence of life on the planet.

Researchers believe that if Curiosity had the tools to get deep into the bowels of the planet, it could detect the remaining water and microorganisms. Now the daily order for future generations, who is attracted in the Red Planet, the development of the rig, which allows to get deep under the outside of Mars for a detailed study of its geological secrets.

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