Sunday, April 21, 2013

The new solar panel with 3-D texture

The untested solar panel with 3-D texture to be soon installed outside the International Space position (ISS), where they every day will know-how at 16, Sunrise, thus transitory the test procedure in rough environments.

As the ISS orbits the soil at a rate of about one transformation per hour and a half, 

these panels will be influenced by solar radiation from all main headings, giving researchers the proficiency to rapidly check the effectiveness of different configurations for them.

examiners will check cell encased with copper, zinc, tin, sulfur, to choose the befitting dimensions for a 3-D microscopic organisations interior the panels.

The 3-D textured thin movie solar panels have been before checked and demonstrated to soil higher presentation than with smooth analogues of the same composition. 3-D structure can effectively contain the sunlight incident at any angle in compare to the glossy panels, for which the allowance of the retained energy is inversely proportional to the digression of the angle of incidence of light.

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