Monday, April 22, 2013

VLT made a new snapshot of the planetary nebula

This absorbing new photo taken with a telescope Very Large Telescope of the European Southern Observatory shows a sparkling ghostly green planetary nebula IC 1295 Environmental dim, dying star, located 3300 light-years away in the constellation of the Shield. Cnimok is the most detailed of when -either of the images of the object.

Stars the size of our Sun end their life cycles, turning into a tiny, faint white dwarfs. 

But when they make the transition to this state, they depart the atmosphere into space. Therefore, for many years, died stars are surrounded by impressive and brightly colored clouds of ionized gas known as a planetary nebula.

Despite their name, planetary nebulas have nothing to do with planets. This expressive term began to be used in the era of the early astronomical discoveries, and its use was due to the visual similarity of these unusual objects from the outer solar system planets Uranus and Neptune.

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