Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ariane-5 led 2 satellites into orbit

July 25 this year at 23:54 MSK to launch space complex ELA-3 launch vehicle launched from Kourou Ariane-5 with satellites Alphasat (Inmarsat XL) and INSAT-3D.

After 2:25 minutes after the launch rocket boosters separated at 3:18 min folded fairing / TD / 9 minutes separated the first stage, after 27 minutes, the spacecraft Alphasat separated from the 2nd stage of the launch, and by 29 th INSAT-3D. Both satellites successfully uncovered the solar panels / SB /.

Alphasat I-XL - this is a new communications satellite. It was built for the company satellite INMARSAT / Inmarsat / in the new European space platform "Alphabus". This platform developed by two companies of the two "Thales Alenia Space", and as "Astrium". Satellite in orbit took the position 25 ° east longitude. Alphasat weighs about 6 tons, the size of the satellite is 40 meters, and in-orbit operation period is 15 years, the power of 12 kW.

INSAT-3D - a satellite of India built on a platform of "I-2K". It is intended for meteorology. The spacecraft will take pictures of the Earth with a resolution of 4 km in the IR / IR / range. The satellite mounted instruments, such as the transmission of meteorological data, data collection station, high and low-speed data transmission, as well as search and rescue system. The satellite was put into orbit / GSO /, to a height of 35,786 km, a position of 82 ° E. The total weight is 2090 kg, power - 1100Vt.

This run was 70 m for the RN Ariane-5, 40-Model ECA and 214 m for the entire family of launch Ariane. 

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