Thursday, July 25, 2013

The new film Gravity will talk about dizzying disaster ... in orbit!

If you have ever been a witness or, God forbid, any member of a transport accident, you know that even minor accidents can result in severe and terrible consequences.

Desperate to regain control over their own movements, at this point you may feel that this is not possible, 

you will experience a lot of stress and fear ... Now imagine that this is happening at a speed of 8 km / sec, and height above the ground at 370 miles and you get an idea about the plot of the new “film Gravity”.

Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, and co-written with his son Jonas, "Gravity" - a story of two astronauts (they played George Clooney and Sandra Bullock), which shuttle is damaged due to a collision with space debris during spacewalks, stranding them between a low-Earth orbit.

It would not be so bad, but they gradually end oxygen and they lose contact with Earth. Left to fend for themselves in Earth orbit, they must understand how to survive and return home. I enjoy sci-fi movies when they are trying to accurately recreate the conditions of behavior and movement in a particular environment from a scientific point of view?

How to move the body in microgravity?

What happens when a collision of bodies in space?

What happens to the human body in this situation?

And the most important thing for any movie like people trapped in a similar situation can cope with it? 

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