Tuesday, July 2, 2013

At the rover Curiosity damaged wind sensor

NASA experts reported the first problem that has arisen with the Mars rover Curiosity. Specifically the problem is that the rover is damaged wind sensor on one of the masts. According to the assertions of experts NASA, this damage will not significantly affect the operation of the rover as a whole as only able to reduce the accuracy of some of the measurements, but the same cannot eliminate them completely.

While it remains unclear how the damage occurred on the mast of the rover's sensor. Engineers are believed to NASA, it could happen during the landing and could serve as a reason for gravel, embossed with the surface of the planet jet stream, and then got into the sensor.

The wind sensor is one of the components of the climate station. This contribution to the rover Curiosity was done Spanish engineers. Besides wind strength and direction, the sensor should also determine the surface temperature, as well as subsurface atmospheric pressure, atmospheric humidity and the level of ultraviolet radiation on the surface. Despite the fact that corresponding sensors located on the entire surface of Mars rover, but in doing so, they also focused on the two branches, which are located approximately in the middle of his mast.

The message about the problem with the sensors came about in the second week after tog, as was to land on the surface of Mars at Gale Crater. And this land journalists called "moments of terror" because during the approach to landing, communication with the rover Curiosity was missing, and she landing took place entirely under the control of automation. Information about existing damage to the transmitter was received after the diagnosis was made complete all units and appliances rover.

Total wind sensors on the Mars Rover Curiosity two. However, the remaining intact sensor will not be enough to effectively determine the direction and strength of the wind. However, as assured by specialists from NASA, they hope they will be able to cope with the situation. As experts say, to determine the direction and strength of the wind will be a problem only with the condition that he winds will blow from a certain direction, toward the position of the rover, and in order to get more accurate data, the rover will simply need to change your course against the wind.

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