Monday, July 1, 2013

Mars rover Opportunity is preparing to climb the steep hill

NASA's Mars rover Opportunity, whose age is almost 10 years old, well on its way south toward the place where he first have to climb a very steep hill called Solander Point, in order to continue their search for further evidence of the presence on the Red Planet conditions suitable habitat for life forms.

Near Solander Point, researchers have noticed a deep layered formation of ancient rocks that have been converted to liquid water eons ago. This area stretches along the western part of the circular wall of the giant crater Endeavour.

Mission scientists are currently engaged in drawing up the plan of "penetration" rover Opportunity in the selected area. The fact that the tractor can be raised only on such surfaces on stony whose slope does not exceed 12-15 degrees.

Rover science team hopes that by climbing on Solander Point, Opportunity will be able to conduct research that will enable it to consolidate the recent success, coupled with the discovery of habitable conditions in the stone called Esperance, which was open "secret" with phyllosilicate clay minerals.

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