Monday, July 29, 2013

Hubble Space Telescope photographed a few nearby galaxies

This galaxy is like a giant funnel that sucks in everything that falls into it. According to the scientists, "Whirlpool" - is a classic spiral galaxy diameter of 100 thousand light-years. It is a favorite subject of Earth observation from amateur astronomers, since it has contrasting branches, because of which it is perfectly visible through a telescope.

Hubble has also managed to remove the flash bright star in the galaxy M59 (pictured below). 

This outbreak has puzzled astronomers. Its characteristics do not fit anyone qualified. The star was brighter than the new, but weaker supernova. Scientists have put forward several explanations; the most daring hypothesis is that the birth of a star swallowed a giant planet.

One of the latest satellite images is a photograph of the galaxy at a distance of 500 million light years away. In the picture are clearly visible active star formation processes - the bright blue area in glowing nebular matter.

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