Sunday, July 28, 2013

The bottom of the path from the Martian mountains "Point Solander"

The rover Opportunity starts climbing the hilly area and is making his way to his first mountain-called "Point Solander." This will be the first "mountain" climbing to the rover. As expected, scientists, the view from the surface of the hill must be impressive.

Currently, the rover has done only a few short "steps" to the south, from his landing on the north side, and so far passed through a relatively flat plain along the rim of the crater rim of Endeavour. The rover is at a distance of only about 180 meters from the mountain, "Solander Point."

In the spring of this year Opportunity made ​​a historic discovery of clay minerals and residential environment on a low hill called "Cape York" during the rover's previous stop at the edge of Endeavour crater.

"Solander Point" has been chosen as the next destination for the robot, because it simultaneously involves "storehouse" for science, and is located on the northern slopes - where the "solar wings" rover can better absorb the sun's rays to produce electricity requirements during his journey next Martian winter.

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