Sunday, July 28, 2013

NASA selects the 8 best research proposals

NASA will fund the program for which you will be competitively selected eight-developed proposals for research on how complex fluids and macromolecules behave in microgravity. Experiments in this research will be conducted aboard the International Space Station.

These experiments and research should be the basis on which NASA scientists and engineers will need to find solution to the problems facing man in space, 

and as they will have to find a new application of knowledge for practical uses on Earth. All of this work will be called: "The study of complex fluids and high-molecular compounds in biophysics."

Proposals will be selected works from the collection of the eight institutions in six states. Project on these proposals will receive funding for a total of approximately $ 5.9 million over five years. Experiments on the selected works will begin immediately.

Four selected studies will need to include information on the colloidal systems. Applications of this study should include such areas as liquid crystals, dyes and petrochemicals.

The other four selected proposals must include the study of biological macromolecules, such as proteins. This research will help scientists to determine the mechanisms associated with the mass transfer, and the formation, growth of the solid phase and the molecular structure of a number of biological macromolecules.

Understanding the structure of these macromolecules may help researchers to understand and neurodegenerative diseases may lead to development of new drugs. 

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