Sunday, July 28, 2013

The third brightest supernova discovered in the spiral galaxy M74

M74 is a classic spiral galaxy with arms that rotate their bright shimmering light, the stars with very dense cores. The galaxy is at a distance of 32 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of Pisces. M74 contains about 100 billion stars. The spiral arms are dotted with dense star clusters and pink clouds of fluorescing hydrogen gas.

One of the first pictures of a supernova in the galaxy M74, was obtained in the course of the Italian project "Supernova Search." The facility is located at 93h degrees to 135 degrees east and south of the center of the galaxy.

Astronomers like this galaxy. Not only is the M74 near perfect spiral shape, but this latest supernova is the third "discovery-boom" in the galaxy in just 11 years.

Looking used fully automated robots, and 76-meter telescope, which scans the sky for supernovae. He found the last flashed supernova M74, July 25. The two previous discoveries of supernovae that broke out in the galaxy, it's - 2002ap SN and SN 2003gd. They went up to the 12th and 13th light values, and after - disappeared into obscurity.

M74 galaxy is relatively bright and looks spectacular in the photo, in the lens of large telescopes, but little in the lens; it looks like a large, completely faceless, dim glow.

Now, we have to be patient and wait until Tuesday. When the moon finally will decrease and then we can better appreciate the light of new discoveries. We hope that our new guest stars as bright. 

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