Friday, July 12, 2013

Scientists have disprove most famous proof of the existence of Jesus Christ

Most theological historians, Christian and non-Christian, believe that Jesus was actually walked the Earth. However, scientists using the latest technology could disprove all the most famous proof of the existence of Jesus Christ. In particular, the legendary Shroud of Turin, which would be buried Jesus, in fact, has imprints of the body. However, from a scientific point of view it is a fake. Radiocarbon scan revealed that she comes from the times of the 14th century, writes

Another irrefutable proof that Jesus was crucified: splinters from the cross. 

They are scattered all over Europe, and in the 16th century theologian John Calvin wrote that there is no European abbey, which could not afford to have this relic. In fact, if you put together all the pieces of wood, you get a cross, which hardly anyone could lift off the ground. As for the nails with which Jesus nailed to the cross, they also have a lot of churches in the sanctuaries. Only about 30. Although, according to the Bible, there should be three or four.

With regard to the scriptures, and then about their authenticity scholars doubt. There are too many inconsistencies, discrepancies and dialects. As for the crown of thorns that was on the head of Jesus, is an instrument of torture was prevalent during the Inquisition. However, the finding has no tongue and is unlikely to be relevant to such an extreme antiquity. The sacred scrolls found in a cave in Israel, remind the teacher records the righteous to his students. And many would argue that the teacher - that is Jesus. But there is no proof of that.

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