Thursday, July 4, 2013

Space station adjusts Its position to watch the Sun

The sun shines and illuminates our planet by our scientists, while those watching our nearest star in an attempt to deepen the understanding of solar activity and its importance to our planet. Unique data obtained from studies of the Sun, will help scientists to replenish the treasury of our knowledge of the Earth's atmosphere and climate. June 30 was the second occasion in the history of space exploration, when the International Space Station has changed his position to assist in the new study, giving astronomers a chance continuous review of our star.

"European scientists have asked us to slightly move the station, because placing the additional time they will be able to combine the results of observations of the Sun, which will be produced in two different periods of time to review the overall appeal of the Sun around its axis from the beginning to the end - said scientist of the International Space Station Dr. Julie Robinson. - The ISS program has allowed slightly shift the station at their request. "

Typically, observations of the Sun, produced with the ISS, a significant impediment to their own solar panel plant, reducing the window for observing our star to 10-12 days. These windows are given about once a month and not allow the observation of a complete revolution of the sun around its own axis.

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