Thursday, July 4, 2013

Triple-star with potentially habitable planets Gliese 667

Here is a great result of the new surveillance triple star system Gliese 667 from astrophotographer Ephraim Morales from the observatory Jaicoa, located in Puerto Rico. Recently found that the system of one of these stars, 667 C, consists of seven candidates for the title of the planets revolving around it. If all the seven planets are confirmed, then in the habitable zone of this system will be based on three super-Earths, 

two hot planets will be located closer to the star, and two colder planets - on the outskirts of the planetary system. Scientists say that the ideal "candidate for habitability" is the planet «f».

This system is in the constellation Scorpius and barely visible to the naked eye, having a magnitude of 5.9 - that is, it looks like a point of light. These three stars are turning to each other, woven in a bizarre dance. Two of the most prominent representatives of this system, Gliese 667 Gliese 667 A and B, refer to each other by a distance exceeding the distance from the Sun to the Earth about 13 times.

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