Monday, July 1, 2013

Space telescopes will print for the asteroids to 3-D printers

Technology 3-D printing can help them raise up the industry, coupled with the development of asteroids.

Funded multibillionaires company for mining, called Planetary Resources merged with the company 3D Systems, whose technology 3-D printing can help in the manufacture of components of a series of future spacecraft Arkyd, the company announced on Wednesday, June 26.

Such integration should help the company Planetary Resources to build some parts for vehicles Arkyd 100, 200 and 300 are cheaper and more effective than traditional methods in the production, said the company.

Leaders of Planetary Resources plan to launch a series of automated spacecraft into Earth orbit and, ultimately, to the near-Earth asteroids for mining of these resources, such as precious metals and water.

The first device Arkyd 100, which will search for asteroids in Earth orbit, is scheduled for launch in 2015 Planetary Resources Company has promised to make one of its new satellites first publicly accessible space telescope ever went into orbit. 

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