Friday, August 2, 2013

NASA summarizes a year of Curiosity rover on Mars

NASA has released a video with a sequence of 548 images of two minutes in length showing all the work of Curiosity rover on Mars since its arrival on the planet, just a year ago.

Through a camera mounted on the front of this vehicle research, have been able to capture some of your most important moments in Mars as the moment you start to move around the planet as well as the collection of a sample of Martian rock .

Two days after its release, the video already has over 60,000 views on YouTube. The images are available in

The robotic vehicle 'Curiosity' landed on Mars on August 1st of 2012 to test a new strategy for the finding life beyond Earth, according to NASA. The vehicle took off aboard an unmanned Atlas 5 rocket, and over nine months, walked about 60 million miles.

A few weeks ago, the rover completed its first kilometer above the surface of Mars. The vehicle began almost at the beginning of July, the trip from the Gale crater, where he has been investigating since August 2012, to Mount Sharp, where he explored the lower layers, where it could be evidence of past life.

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